The BF PRINT GLITTER series consists of three polyurethane films with a glitter finish available in three different basic colors: white, silver and gold.

The finish of this film makes the print bright and shiny thanks to the glitter effect, while keeping it smooth to the touch.
BF PRINT GLITTER is free of PVC, plasticizers, and heavy metals. They are compatible with solvent, Ecosolvent, and Latex inks.
The adhesive polyester carrier guarantees perfect stability during the printing phases. After cutting and weeding, the product can be placed on the garment by transferring it with the BF MYLAR, which must then be removed right after pressing, while still hot.
It is recommended to let the print dry for at least 8 hours before proceeding with cutting and application.

Organic, synthetic, mixed.

Scan the QR Code on the label and download the data sheet.

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